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Saturday, October 22, 2016


“One more thing before I introduce this genius of comedy,” Madonna told the crowd at Madison Square Garden, while introducing comedian Amy Schumer. “If you vote for Hillary Clinton, I will give you a blowjob, OK?”

“And I’m good. I’m good. I’m not a douche and I’m not a tool. I take my time,” Madonna continued. “I have a lot of eye contact, yeah. And I do swallow.”  Here.

Some people think I am too harsh when I speak of extirpating Enemies of Liberty and the morally depraved from our midst.

Madonna offers to blow anyone who votes for HRC - and the headline is about the LEGALITY of blowing people for votes?

We are so done if we do not get real about protecting our young from this filth.


  1. We were done when a generation of Americans abdicated their innate Authority, and allowed the removal of Christian morality from schools, to be replaced with the teaching of systematic amorality, upon which is founded the proposition that Authority rests with government, not with God.

    "Amorality" - a profound lack of moral character. The total absence of prejudice against that which does not fit into a morally ordered society.

    Amorality is the underlying system which then licenses
    (permits within a regulated framework) immoral conduct under a "system of ethics". The framework is of mans devising, and therefore may be changed over time. This is "the Overton Window" which was created when we removed prayer, and the teaching of Christian morals, from our schools in the 1960s~70s.

    This was the essential pivot point upon which they have turned our entire culture from a system based upon moral absolutes, into a system based upon ethical interpretation...

    Morals are absolutes dispensed by God, whereas "ethics" are man-made and are "interpreted in a situational fashion".

    "Situational Ethics" is how our society arrived at legalized murder (abortion), the decriminalization of adultery, and then the decriminalization of homosexuality and even beastiality.

    "Situational Ethics" is how we went from the theft of invested principal being a criminal act, to it being an "amortizable loss" (i.e the Bernie Madoff scam).

    "Situational Ethics" is how our government disposed of the restrained precept of Just Warfare, and moved to a posture of "Nation Building" - which really means "destroying the inherent culture and society, and replacing it with one which matches our own corrupt system."

    All Just Law is built upon the moral foundation. Without the moral foundation, all constructs of "law" are eventually undermined and destroyed until there is no law at all - only the judgement of powerful and amoral men, which is what we have today, and for which the proper name is "Fascism" - that is, a group of people gathered around a strong-man dictator, and giving him their complete and unwavering support; a "cult of personality" where the personality in question is given authority over everything, including matters of life and death (of individuals, and even over the entire nation).

    All Fascist systems are Amoral
    - it is their essential nature, because all judgement devolves upon the 'leader(s)' who is/are just a man and subject to imperfection, failure, and death; not upon the Just Judgement of God, which is perfect, unfailing, and perpetual.

    Fascism is what we have in America today. So when the commie/progressives shout "Nazis" at Trump supporters, they aren't exactly wrong (although Nazi'ism is a specific form of Fascism), but what they fail to see is that they are also "Nazis" by the exact same token, because they are *also* Fascists - just another bunch of people, gathered around a different dictator, and giving him (her) their complete and unwavering support.

    What then, is the difference, if the majority of the public are just feral packs of fascist idiots, supporting different but equally amoral would-be dictators?

    THAT is the nature of this presidential race for us - the futile attempt by Liberty-minded men to discern, based upon the depth and nature of the lies and propaganda which saturate the public awareness, which of the would-be fascist dictators will be less harmful to what remains of our Republic.

    Do you see the irony here? Both political "parties" in the US are Fascist; have been all the way back to the early 1800s. Washington and Jefferson *both* warned us about political parties, and how "parties" must not be allowed to take hold of our political process for this exact reason... but thus it happened, and thus it is.


  2. "Some people think I am too harsh when I speak of extirpating Enemies of Liberty..."

    Oh, please. Madonna being Madonna and some nitwit do-nothings dreaming about it are really threatening someone's liberty. Is that it? Whose, exactly? Can't be a crime without a complainant. Who got harmed? Oh, there it is...offended sensibilities.

    Sure it's sick that we pay for do-nothings to survive, but whose fault is that?

    "...and the morally depraved from our midst."

    Seems to me "morally depraved" means wrong, bad, false, irrational, evil, unwise. What makes you think reality won't take care of the matter by way of the errors?

    Reverend Ike on the poor---"I figure the best way I can help is not become one of 'em." Maybe it's the same with morally depraved.

    Or, there's always hoping others will do it instead. Maybe if we can make everyone else not morally depraved, then that'll be proof that we aren't ourselves. Is that the theory?

    1. Really what? What's the real plan...get everyone moral, kill those who aren't and then abide what a bunch of looters designed 230 years ago to whack individual liberty? And then started doing it within two years.

      Lol and worse..."as intended!" Or, just tell me what the plan is. But anyone whose rightful liberty is somehow obstructed by Madonna, is doing something wrong.

    2. Easy, K. Probably still recovering from a hard two-night drinking binge, and couldn't afford to be out killing brain cells in the first place.

      You can still love the person, all the while hating the stupid. Just like you're supposed to do ...hate the sin, not the sinner.

      His personal moral depravity is another matter. Failing to see the inherent depravity of a 'celebrity' offering sexual favors to corrupt an election - an act so far beyond the pale, so as to be not just depraved, but also downright alien to anything with even the slightest passing resemblance to American social or political thought - is a clear mark of his irredeemably feral state. (Madonna's even more so, but what sane person gives a wad of used toilet paper what she thinks or says)


      Those not raised in a moral society, rarely acclimate well to one as adults.
      ~~Quote me on that whenever you wish.

      This is a primary bit of logic which speaks volumes against the importation of muslims into Europe (and America as well), as well as those of any other society which - within itself - fails to embrace the morality prescribed by legitimate religion.

      I'm not telling anybody they have to be Baptist, or Catholic, or Methodist, or Orthodox, or Lutheran - I'm saying that where a society denies the Proven Truth, then most of the individuals within that society will continue to refuse to accept said Truth, even when given a "new start, in a new place" opportunity to do so.

      Why do you think the leftists of the RBS/CFR take up such glee at every turn of events which further erodes the moral fiber of our society?! Because it's a Win/Win for them - the loss of our moral fiber destroys us from within, while at the same time weakening us, making us more susceptible to attack from without...


  3. "His personal moral depravity is another matter."

    Cute I like cute online. Funny place for it though...am I to read this as you judge me as morally deoraved? Never mind how I read it...is that what you're saying?

    "Failing to see the inherent depravity..."

    Oh, is that what happened? Who did that? I missed it.

    Maybe get back to something you know about, like the plan to eradicate moral depravity from a bunch of know-nothings & do-nothings.


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