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Friday, May 20, 2011

Americans headed for the ovens...without a whimper

“Trusted traveller programs are where we are focused." - Janet Napolitano

We knew where they were headed, because we've seen it done by Tyrants throughout history.

And yet we do nothing...

...we are watching them build the tracks & trains, we know they have the ovens, and we do nothing...

Read the Kurt Nimmo piece here.



  1. It's worse than that, Kerodin: some of us are wasting time and effort sliming and shouting at one another.

    As I've written elsewhere, it would be one thing if we had won outright (or even a limited victory in some area) and were squabbling over the spoils, but we have (except for some as yet undefined legal victories (Heller & McDonald)) accomplished nothing so far.

  2. Peter, I assume you refer to Vanderboegh as the waste of time spent and the target of "Sliming". As one who has been relentlessly attacked by Vanderboegh for the last 9 months or so, we will have to agree to disagree regarding the validity of examining the issues currently in play.

    As to victories: I am not sure what victories you may expect? I do not think Team Liberty can achieve any victories of significance given the current battlespace.

    Let's take GunWalker for example: Yes, the entire operation is repugnant to Patriots. But there is no realistic outcome that will change one fact on the ground in favor of Team Liberty.

    If ATF is disbanded, her assets will be absorbed into other agencies and given cover, making it even harder for us to identify the bad guys for a while. If ATF is not disbanded, they will simply be emboldened (again) that they can do anything, get a slap on the wrist, and move on to the next injury.

    Not one single 2A infringement will be rolled back as a result of GunWalker. Not one single Fed will lose his job and suffer a demotion. NOTE: Someone may lose a job, but it will be a promotion to the Private Sector of Anti-Gunners with a lucrative gig in Sarah Brady-ville or some such.

    For Constitutionalists there simply are no victories available on the political field that will matter. They don't even throw us a bone, they don't even bother to hide behind the facade any longer. Example: Indiana & SCOTUS/Kentucky.

    On the Threat Matrix of the bad guys, we do not even blip.

    Heller/McDonald were far from victories for Team Liberty - they were the death of 2A. The death is not the foolish "start a revolution by confiscating" death, but more of a death by attrition...three generations from now private gun ownership in America (on it's current trajectory) will resemble Britain.

    Constitutionalists have one chance, and that window is closing rapidly...


  3. Sam,

    I was attempting to adhere to your comment rules, which is why I didn't mention MBV. And it's not just you v. MBV: there has been an ongoing argument between the Threepers and the Prags, who all think we're being nutjobs (on one level or another) for speaking/writing as we do. On a personal note, in case I didn't spell it out properly over at Bill's place, I'm walking away from your argument with Mike. I still disagree with the path you've chosen, but I'm not you. As it is, Bill is censoring, um, *moderating* his comment section just to keep me off his blog, not to mention selectively quoting what I've written, to include responses he refused to publish, which makes me wonder as to his motivation in all this (more than I was to begin with).

    As for the rest of your response, as well as your latest postings, I cannot disagree. In fact, your assessments are pretty much on the money, although I think you're being a bit too dismissive about Heller/McDonald: however much those decisions will be ignored (and we both agree that they will) the indisputable victory there is that the State, however unwillingly, has been forced to admit that the RKBA is both an individual Right not connected to any militia and that Right applies to the 'Several States' along with the FedGov. And your prediction that we're 3 generations from Britain, I say that since we'll be dead by then, that fight isn't up to us. What matters is what we all can do while we're here. And yes, politically we're screwed, but I wasn't talking about that, since none of us is foolish/stupid enough to stand for election. That leaves direct action and the courts, and now OPFOR has to work their way around those two SCOTUS decisions which they didn't have to do before. That's a victory (however minor) for us.

    Again, a truce between us, not forgiveness, which I have to earn, OK?

  4. They might have the ovens and the trains, but my "Warsaw ghetto" is gonna be a bear to take.



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