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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Bear is Hunting

When you look beyond our shores and eyeball the true enemies of the republic, do you see these men and those standing in the shadows at their shoulders?

You should.

A considerable source of our domestic troubles, too, come from the work of the Kremlin.

China is a problem, but they are pawns of the Russians.  China's tyrants want regional dominance, not the world. 

Russia wants everything else.
Muslims?  Look at Beslan and Chechnya and you will see the shadow hand of the Kremlin.

And our Political Class?  They are fond of the Russians and Russian ways.  They do not understand that once they ally with the Russians, they will be the first put into mass graves.

That's how Russian Tyrants do it.

In the polygonal battlespace the Kremlin remains the source of many evils challenging Liberty in America.  Our current crop of "Right" politicians are bi-polar regarding the Russians, blending fear with dismissal, and they are ignorant of Russian fears.  Our hubris is pushing the Bear into a position that is not good for any of us.

Russia today is not the Japan prior to Pearl Harbor.

The sooner America returns to her shores and leaves the world alone, the better.  And when we implode, such enemies may see opportunity...

Here is the latest Medvedev threat that will result in more trembling and irrational response from Washington.


They'll work with China until only China is left...


  1. So what you are saying is that the Kremlin wants world domination and we should give it to them. That we should retreat to Fortress America.

    Who taught you strategy? You was robbed.

  2. M. Simon: How do you get to the conclusion that I suggest we surrender?



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