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Sunday, May 29, 2011

III in Florida:

Can you give me a thumbnail of gun laws in the State, please?

In Maryland they get to keep a fired bullet & case, they make you wait up to a week, or more, the limit you to one purchase each month...

How is it in Florida, and how is it for ClassIII gear?



  1. I my opinion, and I've lived here all my life with the exception of eight years military service, Florida has to rank in the top three or four for 2nd amendment rights.

    Understand, we do not have constitutional carry or open carry (almost passed this year), but we have concealed carry and a strong castle doctrine that applies to home and street and for the moment seems to be interpreted our way.

    Dade, Broward and Palm Beach (my home) counties are the progressive counties while the rest of the state is pretty much red.

    Class III doesn't appear to be much of an issue from what I know and understand. Stay out of the aforementioned counties to be sure as county sheriffs sign off on class III.

    I remember the days before the Yankee and the immigrant came. Guns were never an issue. Having one in the rack of a pick-up truck meant nothing. When I was in high school, we would have the trucks loaded with the camping gear, fishing poles, and guns and ammo parked in the school parking lot on Fridays. After school, we'd head out to the Glades for the week-end to hunt and fish. Nobody thought anything of it.

    My, my. Times have changed.

  2. In no particular order:

    No open carry. Shall Issue state, yes. Several hoops to jump through, all at your expense. Should a cop see your gun (to include printing) there are two applicable statutes and you will invariably charged with the greater charge even though the lesser one is the appropriate one. There was a recent legislative effort to allow open carry for CCW holders (which got defeated) and if you have the temerity to suggest that OC means everyone, not just a select group, you get told to sit down and STFU. Ask me how I know this.
    Three day waiting period without CCW. Five here in Palm Beach County, but there was a preemption law passed and signed recently, so I don't yet know how that is going to shake out.
    Class III and suppressors are fine, however, if you get them in your own name, you need LEO sign-off yearly, which is why every shop I've ever been to has the info for setting up a trust, which only requires LEO sign-off once.

    Lots of folks move here from elsewhere and upon finding out that Florida actually recognizes the 2A, they go out and buy lots of guns, which keeps the prices on the high side. The newspapers generally don't run gun ads in the classified, so you have to be a bit creative when arranging FTF sales. FYI, GunBroker has a function that'll let you dial in a set distance from your location, which is one way I've done it. Not very many shops stock reloading stuff, although there's (again) GunBroker and more recently Gander Mtn. Here in SoFla is almost entirely Lib/Dem, in fact the person most responsible for scuttling the OC bill is based right here in PBC. B@st@rd.

    Very hot half the year, humid all the time, so you need to frequently check your gear for rust. I'm a whopping 23 feet above sea level as I type this (11 miles inland).


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