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Sunday, May 22, 2011

National Criminal Database for use by Patriots

Consider what would happen if every III Patriot decided to gear up, go find a LEO and give him the same orders that LEO issue to every "suspected criminal".

You know: "On the ground, dirtbag, hands where I can see them, STFU!"

Then run LEO's name through a database of known bad guys who infringe the Rights of your Countrymen as articulated in the Constitution & Bill of Rights.

Call it a National Background Check Day.

And what if Patriots had a database compiled that listed bad guys, and detailed the injuries that they have inflicted upon your Countrymen, the Constitution, and Liberty?

While actually forcing LEO to comply with your demands might not be the best idea of the day, and I suggest you run it by your attorney as I offered tongue-in-cheek (today), having a database with a rap-sheet on bad guys from LEO and the broader Political Class, and perhaps even the Bankster/Corporate Gangster Class is a brilliant idea...

...and available here, offered by a very brave Patriot.

You can support the effort.

Be fair if you contribute.  Be accurate.  Do not embellish and do not submit information that is merely intended to settle a personal grudge.

There are 800,000 badges & guns in our republic, and they have immediate access to your details.  Every sword should be double-edged.  They know where you live...isn't it prudent for civic-minded Patriots to have the same intel?

Check out OathBreakers.com - the upside to such a database for Liberty is multi-faceted and open-ended.

Bravo to the Patriot who is running the program.

Click Here.


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