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Saturday, May 21, 2011

TL Davis

I have come to the conclusion that talk is useless at this point but for one factor: Documenting our train of abuses and the Necessary Fails we have undertaken.

I don't care about those who don't get it.  We're better off without their contamination of the gene pool.

I don't care about the infiltrators and divisive folks among us - none influence me or my AO.

I will not change a single mind if I write until I am dead.

I think TL is in a similar place.  I think many of us share this small patch of ground.

I am responsible for the patch of ground beneath my feet and that of my family.  You are responsible for yours.  There are not enough of us to storm the castle, and defending our own castle will never get it done, either.

Some of us will choose to go dark and go to work, soon.

Some of us will go to work quietly, while keeping our public profile just long enough to delay the bad guys from figuring out who is mucking up the program.

Some of us will simply wait until They come for us.

Most will continue to exist in denial until it is over.

Read TL's piece, here.


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