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Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Truth is in your Face...even if you don't want to believe it

Bill has been working for almost 2 weeks laying out the obvious, the inconsistent, the worrisome, the thought-provoking.

It is up to you to connect the dots.

Most people do not have the courage to connect the dots where the facts lead

Instead, they would rather connect the dots in a fashion that justifies their wishes and world view.  Most people will not invest the effort to research and face challenges to the Conventional Wisdom.  Most people will never admit they were wrong, even in the face of facts to the contrary.  It's an Ego thing.

Too many people accept, wholesale, what is offered without applying any critical thinking skills.

Sometimes the Truth is ugly.

Ignoring the Truth, disregarding your instincts will lead you to bad places.  I know this from personal experience.

Ultimately you are responsible for where and how you will die.  If you end up rotting in prison, in a camp, or in a mass grave for your Crimes against the State as defined by the Collectivists among us, after Bill has warned you, then you deserve what you get...

Read his piece, here.


1 comment:

  1. If the direction and the attention the community so desires comes from a beast, so too shall the consequences.

    Sam Thank you for the link, my course is evolving everyday, and I thank the Lord for his guiding hand.

    I was never really ever fearful. In my heart I was not afraid to die for Liberty, I have come to a place where I now fear EVIL, history has shown us how monsters rule.


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