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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Where is the Action...

Information provided by InjusticeEverywhere.com helped plot this map.

Click the image above for a large image.

Click here for the interactive.

Some folks may look at the map and choose areas to avoid...while a few Patriots may use the map to identify where they are most needed.

Use this information as you will.

And remember: They'll kill you on your Moral High Ground...and snicker as you bleed out.



  1. Good information.

    However, the second part of your post cannot stand without comment.

    There are moral absolutes in the universe as well as the world. If you or anyone else chooses not to acknowledge these as absolutes, then you or those who do not operate in a vacuum without hope. Those who operate without hope have no reason not to descend into the 'heart of darkness', as it were. Without that hope, the patriot cannot count on the support of that citizen sitting on the fence, not educated to know what his rights are or what liberty is comprised of. All that citizen will see is a barbarian at the gates and he will side with OPFOR.

    The world judges legitimacy and just or moral war as well as amoral war and its conduct. History is replete with examples of how the world treats the amoral fighting force when they lose...and eventually, they do lose.

    The moral conduct of a battle or war does not mean it will not be brutal; it does not mean that one will walk to the opponent and strike him with a gauntlet as a challenge. It simply means there are legitimate as well as illegitimate targets. To attack and kill an illegitimate target nullifies the moral justification of the resistance.

    Case in point: Beslan. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beslan_school_hostage_crisis

    A friend and I discussed this incident this weekend simply from the perspective of morality and we both agreed on this:

    - The attacking force was identified as Chechen Muslims.

    - The attackinf force killed scores of school children.

    - If we were the Chechen command structure, we agreed that each participant in the raid who survived should have been publicly executed by the Chechen command with their bodies delivered to the Russians with a profound apology.

    That is the moral solution to an element that goes 'feral'.

    Practicality comes into play as well. The action against the children consolidated and actually strengthened the Russians while weakening the Chechen cause in the eyes of the world for one reason and one reason only:

    The target was illegitimate.

    When it comes to discussion of 'moral high ground', we might consider that moral high ground to some of us means the morality of actions within a war.


  2. Hi Trainer:

    The comment: And remember: They'll kill you on your Moral High Ground...and snicker as you bleed out. Stands as obvious in that OpFor has no respect for the Moral High Ground.

    Philly & Arizona & Seattle in recent headlines articulate the concept. The cop in Philly wanted a reason to kill Fiorini. In Seattle a guy who whittles earned a Death Sentence and a Marine in Arizona died with his Safety engaged with 60 enemy bullets in his body.

    InjusticeEverywhere.com lists dozens of instances almost daily that demonstrate that Moral High Ground is not a concept most LEO respect as they carry out the diktats of our Masters, and our Masters have ZERO use for the concept.

    Every badge & gun has earned a Hostile label in the matrix until, on an individual basis, each individual demonstrates that they deserve to be re-labeled. Any Patriot who spends too much time or effort trying to identify the few non-Hostile LEO make themselves dangerously vulnerable.

    Of course there are Go & No-Go Targets, and the deliberate targeting of a school of children is No-Go. I also agree that anyone who would engage such illegitimate targets becomes a Target himself, and makes targets of everyone in his organization until every member of that Organization manages to prove beyond a doubt that they do not deserve to be targeted.

    Now, as to Beslan in particular, I have no confidence that Chechyn Muslims masterminded that Op...but that is another issue with zero bearing on my AO, except to remind everyone that OpFor will engage in False Flag Ops to make FreeFor look like the bad guys if it suits their purpose, and they don't care who is killed...


  3. "We have been likened to a surgeon, carefully removing a cancer while doing as little damage as possible to the surrounding tissue." Anonymous
    "We are not the tip of the spear. We are the tip of the scalpel." Anonymous
    "I was in a kneeling position with a person pressing a pistol to the side of my head when I saw a figure in the doorway. I closed my eyes because I knew I was going to be killed. I didn't hear anything, but a few seconds later, the figure that was standing the doorway was helping me to my feet..." Brigadier General James L. Dozier.
    "DID YOU SEE THAT? HE TORE THAT GUYS JAW OFF!" Heard outside a bar in Nashville, TN, 1985
    In short? There are those who walk amoung us that are the real "Greys", or "Grays", if you are anal. They are not ex anything. They have no interest in groups, organizations, or politics. They learned a long time ago to accept the fact that people are people, and a group of people will inevitably become a mob.
    What they do will rarely, if ever, be in the news, and if it is, it will not be anywhere near accurately reported. They do what they do, because the moment demands it. It's personal, not business.


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