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Friday, June 10, 2011

Chicago Police Brace for 'Flash Mob' Attacks

Almost a year ago I suggested that III consider the value of a Flash Mob style Comm system.

There is no need for big, high-tech secrecy.

Call for Minutemen in kit and control the AO.


Here is where we lose.  My idea was pooh-poohed because...it was my idea, and also because too many of our people are brain-locked in Neanderthal Conventional Wisdom.

CA understands the batlespace has changed.  So does Alvie, AP, Bill, TL & others.

Including me - that's 6.  Last I checked, I'm at least 8 hours from any of those Patriots.

But does one need a "Mob"?

How about a Minuteman and a few folks capable of providing E&E exfil...friendly confusion

It's a start - and unless someone starts, nothing ever starts.

But wait...someone started in San Antonio.   By the way, I have an alibi - I was not in San Antonio at the time.

Here's the post.



  1. Well now ya got 7. And i'm in the Keystone. CA knows.....


  2. Just yesterday, in response to this article suggesting the mob scene was due to a cut-back of police:


    I suggested to a group that a "vigilance committee" could assemble via social networks just as fast as flash mobs.


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