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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Give LEO Migraines...

In the last week, InjusticeEverywhere.com has documented 113 incidents of police misconduct from across the republic, from big cities to small towns.

Remember that the vast majority of an iceberg, like the ice cube in your glass, remains hidden underwater.  113 cases of police abuse & misconduct is merely a portion of the visible tip, egregious enough to make the press. 

How much more is known but never hits the papers? 

How much never becomes known? 

Now consider this fact: The vast majority of crimes for which Citizens are arrested and prosecuted are unconstitutional.  Every drug prosecution and firearms prosecution, gambling prosecution, prostitution bust, and tax bust is a blatent violation of the Constitution.

How many Federal prosecutions would you consider to be unconstitutional? 

LEO is not an ally.  No LEO is a genuine Patriot, for a genuine Patriot would not knowingly and willingly take stolen money (his paycheck) for 20-30 years to violate your Constitutional Rights.

Concerned American recounts a bit of intel that snow storms accounted for a 50-75% call-out rate for LEO in a major city.

How many LEO will choose to burn their uniforms once SHTF and they realize that Flash Mobs and Vigilance Committees consider all uniforms to be mortal enemies?  Even the brave LEO who thrives on the adrenaline rush of dishing out beatdowns in the line of duty will have to think twice about leaving home & hearth undefended while he is out on patrol.

The key to negating the power of LEO in a Ruckus is simple: They must be stressed everywhere at once, relentlessly.  From sea to shining sea, LEO must not be allowed to form into teams to concentrate their power.  They seem to favor an 8:1 ratio of LEO versus a single Citizen.  Note that 800 LEO took down about 120 La Cosa Nostra recently in NYC.  Count how many LEO are on the average Stack in media images.

Anything that reduces the ability for LEO to form teams, anything that reduces the ratio from 8:1 to even 4:1 is a benefit to the efforts of Restoration.  If a snowstorm reduces the ratio to 4:1 (50%), imagine what ratio can be forced by a widespread onslaught of Vigilance Committes, Flash Mobs, and hungry slackers...

Be ready to add to their stress levels.  Everyone benefits, everywhere.


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