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Thursday, June 23, 2011


Hi folks,

sorry for the slow posting.  Been busy.  Someone wrote me a few weeks ago and asked how the process of getting the books out to Members of Congress was going .  Sorry, I don't remember who asked, and I can't find the email right now.  Anyway, the process goes slowly.  I keep a small stack of books with me and when I find myself in the area of Capitol Hill I try to drop in.  While progress is slow, it is happening - though I can't say we've found any friends, yet.  I have a list somewhere of the offices visited, I'll try to put up a sidebar one day to help everyone keep track.

In other news: We are working on a Go Bag project, involving some big names in the Adventurer realm of the business world.  It promises to be interesting and useful.  More on that project as we get further down the line.

In the process of winding down a business (liquidating inventory) and ramping up a charity, getting a magazine out on a deadline. 

Stay safe.


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