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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Murder - it's a word and it used to mean something...

Arctic Patriot took more flak than deserved today, if you ask me.  So if you don't want to hear it, don't ask & move along, Citizen.

SWAT is necessary, when...

...when budget compliance officers say use it or lose it.  This is bureaucracy 101, folks.

I really do not give three damns & half a turkey turd if this woman was committing fraud with her ballpoint pen with her daughter on her lap - SWAT is not justified.

Headline coming soon: Radical Extremist Hatriot Baby-Killer Kerodin planned to blog again, so we sent SWAT into his typing area.  Only 621 shots fired - because Kerodin wasn't home...Keyboard likely will not make it through the night...they're letting it bleed out so there will be only one story...

When the adults refuse to engage even in our conversations, what's the point, folks?  No, AP - NOT talking about you.

It's about Tyrants committing murder, folks.

That's it.

There is nothing else to say, and damn few who listen.

You think you scare them and that's why they haven't come to your place, yet?  They didn't seem very frightened of Jose Guerena - every LEO that night knew how that was going to play out.

They do not care about you and your tricked Black Rifle...they're murdering (when they can find them) women who submit forms of paper to DoE.  They do not care about you and your rifle because it'll end one of two ways - they take you out with the safety engaged or they'll kill you after you've taken a few who were on point...justifying for the masses why PoPo needs more of the same.

Somewhere along the line I stopped speaking the same language as the rest of my Countrymen.  How many of us get it?

One day, you'll be on the list of a bureaucrat armed with a badge & gun, and you'll die.

...and the lead story is, of course, Weiner's weiner.

The Mencken Moment nears...


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