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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Relevance of GunWalker, Farts in a Huricane, et al...

Read Bill's piece.

There's going to be a fight. 

Are you prepping to win, or are you circle-jerking over the latest he'n & she'n antics of useless politicians?

Do you care if it was the Phoenix SAC or his boss, or underling, taking or receiving from anyone else in GunWalker?  Do you think for a singular moment of time that Dobyn's & Dodson would hesitate one second to put a double-tap into you for open carrying like Mr. Fiorino in Philly?  Do you really and truly, in your most honest of hearts, thinks that any single bit of this matters to the agenda they have that includes killing you?

Bill knows the right answers.

At least when this is over, he will have children on the right path to start again.


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