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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Ron Paul will save us all...

Ron Paul said What?!

He said it here.

Forget the dictator part and focus on the end:  "The shift is in our direction --- obeying the Constitution for a change," he said.  And don't forget he is not a 2A Champion.  I'm not going to reference the link again - it's on my site.

I see a cheering group of men going down on a boat in the Florida Straits happy because the flood of sharks coming over the transom was interupted by a gator!


You think I am being too pessimistic?  Perhaps you are being too optimistic.

Right now in a local, State or a Federal database your name exists with like-minded people who believe what Jefferson advocated.

How any sane person considers that to be good news...isn't sane.  You need meds.

And you need gear.

And you need it all, right now.

I played the Necessary Fails role.

Play time is over.

Now we quit playing games and go-time grows closer.

For you Operators out there, the time grows near to Click On.


1 comment:

  1. When has he not been a 2A champ?

    What faggotry is this?

    His vision sounds a lot like a much more free country if you have read his books and checked his voting record.

    No congress critter has as clear a voting record with regard to freedom as Dr No. Not even close.

    Granted with a fed and a 1 party system such as we have, not much will change but if we had an exec, congress and judiciary that thought like this cat we would be doing other things and not be needing to blog about keeping the man out of our ass cracks.


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