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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Texas: Spanking is Abuse

We have several in our Community in Texas.  Several of you would not mind returning to an independent republic.

I'm not going to ask you what you are doing about Judges like this one down in Corpus Christi, or the bureaucrats who made it happen.  It is not your responsibility to write them, or protest, or picket - all useless tactics at this point.

The woman who plead-out to a felony for spanking her child was threatened with far, far worse if she fought the charges.  I know how the system works.  For this woman to fight in court would have been futile - she would lose and she would get serious time. 

You have people in Texas who do not think the way Patriots think.  We all do.

But if you seek independence once again, whether part of the united States or not, you have a state filled with such people.  What are you going to do with or about them?

That question is rhetorical...do not post what your personal intent may be.

Treason fits, if you ask me.  It is a Constitutional remedy, if you choose to remain part of the united States.

The story is here.


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