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Friday, June 10, 2011

There are those who want you dead...


Who cares?

One of the great aspects of America is not so much our brilliant, superlative spirit among men - we simply happened to land on a prime piece of real estate that had great wealth and a few IP's that we were able to push aside with relative ease.

We have stuff, and room for more stuff.

We have stuff other people want - you know, like folks who are short on physical space, food production capability, widget factory space, natural resources...

In many ways, folks, it is a Zero Sum Game.

Sorry, not my rules.  Hell, not even my game.  I was born into it, same as you.

How you choose to respond is up to you.

I ain't on anyone's menu or work crew.

FU, very much.

And all those in our society who are helping the demise of the republic, whether passively or actively, whether knowingly or from sheer stupidity or even from a genuine wish that we all just get along...well, we simply don't have the time or margin for error to wait on their Awakening.

Coddling is over, folks.

People are coming for what you've got.  For a while, they'll look like you.  Then, not so much.

But you'd better understand they want your golden plains from sea to shining sea...and the room to grow good little Chinese, or Russian, or...

...well, it ain't you.

You see, folks, in some things, it really is Zero Sum.

That means that someone has to lose for someone else to gain.

Again, not my rules, I just accept them.

Forget your Red Dawn scenarios.  You want to worry about a boogeyman, think for 2 minutes about how easily, and how many Governments across the world could reduce the population of the planet by orders of magnitude...simply by choosing to open one vial and letting one infected person walk out into public...

Man has the ability to split the atom and turn you into ash in moments.

Man has made the notion of a Zombie real.

You will die.

Instead of dreading it every day by worrying so much about the how of it, consider giving your kid an extra squeeze, and consider telling your D neighbor to eat you, starting at the bad places.

Zero Sum?  Yes, sir.  I can play that game.  You want to unleash your thugs with badges & guns to kill whittlers, pedestrians (Fiorino lived), Gueuerna, and women who have Student Loans...consider what happens if we ever choose to unleash our moral restraint.

20 serious Patriots in every major Metro and 5 in every significant city who decide to go to work will push your worst Red Dawn, Zombie & 1984 fears back 50 years...in 2 weeks with fewer than 3 boxes of FMJ each, Mr. Smith will go back to Washington...

Zero F'n Sum.

I know that game.


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  1. They don't have to open a vial. Right now there seems to be a race to take over America between the muslims and the chinese.
    Just quietly move in, breed like crazy while moving extended family over and there you are! Proud home-owners! We are so effed...


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