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Monday, July 11, 2011

The Absurd is the New Normal

When one opens Drudge, Politico, WND, InfoWars, FT, WaPo, WSJ, et cetera and day after day every issue of every news outlet looks like an issue of the Onion, it's time for an adjustment.

If you continue to operate under any pretense that Truth, Justice and the American Way, or the Constitution, or the Law has any objective meaning any longer, I can not help you.  Consider heavy doses of thorazine.

I learned early in life that the only Constant is Change.

While we may, one day, get back to our Founding Principles, it ain't today and it ain't tomorrow.

Where does that leave us, some of you may ask.

If you ask me it means that your moral compass, tempered with the hard reality that one day soon you are going to need to fight to live, should be guiding the decisions you take each day in your life.  You probably need stuff that you do not have right now, that you will need one day to stay alive or keep your Tribe alive.  This is no time to worry about the rules put in place by John Boehnor or Harry Reid.  Today, and every day forward, you need to stockpile stuff that will keep you and yours alive and well.

Do it, or not.  It's your responsibility to keep yourself alive.

You'd better start acting like it.  Right Now.



  1. Yup.

    And if you are just starting to get prepared.....you need to get after it. You are behind the curve.

    Hook up with like minded folks in your AO.


  2. Nice Kitty Ya got there K, I actually prefer DOGS especially Dogs that eat Kitties.



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