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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Consider the Facts, nothing but the Facts...

When an R is hailed as tough for advocating a meaningless $300 Billion per year decrease in spending in the face of $1,300 Billion in annual borrowing...Brace for Impact. 

There is no other option.

There is nothing meaningful in these debt/deficit discussions, but for the reinforcment that the Establishment and their supporters encompass a very large body of Americans and they have zero interest in genuine Constitutional values.  They want the Constitution out of their way, and they have taken the decision to burn the republic to the ground to get their way.

Consider what we know, at face value, about the Norway shooter: He is anti-Muslim, offended by the Muslim invasion of Norway, offended by the Establishment in Norway forcing their Citizens to accept the preferential treatment of Muslims, and he attacked that Government and those being groomed for the next generation of that Government.

Think about that...

If the details we know "at face value" are borne-out to be truth, the shooter identified the real Muslim Problem in his country (The Establishment) and he set out to change the paradigm.

If you are being invaded by flies, you can swat and kill flies all day long, and they'll simply be replaced by more flies.  But if you remove the carcass upon which the flies are feeding & breeding, the flies go away.

Set aside the moral judgments about attacking unarmed teenagers, and assess purely the cold, hard Strategy.

Your enemies here will do the same when they decide it is time for you and your family to be re-educated.  Mao starved millions of men, women and children to achieve his goals.  Many of the Enemies of Liberty in America who will soon make a move to be away with you are very fond of Mao...


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  1. Just read up on the Norway thing. I don't watch much tv,or newspapers for that matter. It's all sparklies and crap as far as I'm concerned.

    And I understand why he did what he did as well....



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