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Monday, July 18, 2011

Five dead in attack on Chinese police station

A mob of Chinese folks attacked a Cop Shop.  They paid the price, but they did the work.

Patriots, do you really understand that Restoration simply can not happen without committing felonies & misdemeanors galore?

I'm not sure most of "us" really get it...

Here is the piece on China.



  1. To many of us have been brought up to obey the law. It has been ingrained into our sub-conscious.

    So to make the jump...leap of faith per say, it will take deep shit that has directly impacted a person or group to get to the point of the post.

    We seen small incidents of this occurring now.

    Bit for the time being, it's a waiting game. The inevitable will happen. It's just a matter of time for enough people to get fed up and act as a group.

    Once that happens, the flood gates will open and the waters will pour forth and cleanse the the lands of this disease.

  2. Oh, to be sure. We have in fact been ingrained to obey the law.

    We've been so ingrained that action may never come.

    We're ingrained to believe that the law will win out and we need not do anything to disobey the law.

    I'm beginning to believe that our condition is being counted upon. I believe they know that they will be able to get that last nail driven into the coffin lid before a hand reaches out from inside to prevent it.

    We have to get off our asses, now! Now!

  3. I'll betcha that those folks that stormed the Pig Pen did not have any firearms in their initial assault.




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