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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

It's foggy - no swimming in the Great Lakes says our Nanny

The Chicago PD actually arrested a man who dared defy their edict to swim when they told him it was not permitted.

Fog.  Public Safety.  Master says No.

I feel better knowing that the State exists to protect me from every evil known to Man.

Not so much.

I am rather irked by those who claim authority over me...

Here is the story.


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  1. I agree. It just makes you wanna sing that "You're not the Boss of Me" song doesn't it. I know it juvenile, but something about being told what to do just annoys me. Let me be the judge of what is right or wrong for me. If I screw up, so be it. It is called being responsible for ones ownself and facing the consequences, whatever they might be.


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