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Monday, July 18, 2011

The main thing is...don't get excited...


One of the most frustrating aspects of Restoration is finding the patience to let it evolve on its proper, natural timeline.

Breathe.  Trust that every day that passes the double edged sword utilized by our Masters is at work.  While they frustrate, frighten and cow people, they also piss-off people.  Let the Enemies of Liberty do their work as you do yours.  Do you have firearms with little practical use in a Ruckus?  Consider trades that will help you buy a more practical tool.  Consider trading stuff of little use to surviving Restoration for more ammo or mags.  You get the point.

Do not be afraid to start a conversation with a guy who has an NRA sticker on his truck.  He may not see things as do you,,,but he might.

Make usu of this time.  If yuou have confrontation issuesm suh as letting people butt in line at 6u4 grocery store, use the opportunity to stand up for yourself and shift imperative paradigms.

Wen the time comes to ignore the sirens of the pursuing State Troopers who want to put you in Prison for your domestic terroristic activities, you'd better be mentyally and physically able to go ghost.

Second Place is dead.


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  1. Kerodin - around here (Florida), it's an interesting experience to walk around gun shows listening while pretending to look at things. There is a large number of conversations about preparing for the Big Ruckus that's coming. That's from everyone from little skippers barely out of high school to guys older than me (and I'm old). From folks that look like M.D.s to guys who look like they can barely rub two nickels together. NRA members? Lots.

    I'm an NRA member mostly because of the rifle club I belong to - the only 600 yard range within hundreds of miles. Non-members (of the NRA) get dues for the NRA added to their club dues. I also send money to JPFO, GOA, NAGR and pretty much all of them.


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