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Friday, July 29, 2011

Rats Abandoning Ship

Insiders are abandoning their own company stock at a rate that signals trouble.

There are many things signaling trouble these days.

Here is the column.

Brace for Impact.


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  1. My personal take is that all of these guys know that the market is the "rising tide that lifts all boats" and anyone who does any kind of technical analysis knows the market is throwing off bad signals like a fourth of July sparkler throwing sparks - in pretty much any indicator you look at.

    It's not that they think their company isn't going to make it, it's that they think the market is going to crash and take them with it.

    If there's one good thing to remember when you're watching the market is that you're a mouse on the floor with a hundred elephants mating. The slightest move from them will kill you. If the big institutional investors are getting out, you'd better get out RFN. It's a hundred year old truth: when money is flowing into the market, it goes up; when money is flowing out of the market, it goes down.

    You will notice my conclusion is exactly the same as yours: the crash is coming. The only thing that might head off the crash is QE3, which will accelerate inflation, and kill off your life's savings. As they said in some goofy war movie; "What? Did you think you were going to get out of this alive?"


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