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Saturday, July 16, 2011


Welcome to Master's view of how to move one more step down the incremental ladder of Gun Control: The Mayor of Washington DC wants to allow gun shops only in Police Facilities.

He cites Zoning restrictions and other silliness.

Isn't that what Mayor's & Council Boards do...re-structure zoning and such when the economic health of the city makes it prudent?

Gun Control has always been a tool for keeping certain classes of people dis-armed.  In our own American History we initiated Gun Control to keep weapons from the hands of Blacks.  Today it matters not what your skin color, Master is Government and He sees every American as the Slave who must not be armed.

Riddle me This: When it suits our Political Class, they simply disregard the Supreme Court.  This case of DC permitting handgun sales is classic.  They have raised the bar to include training, jumping through hoops for potential buyers to go to several different locations within the City to get paperwork authorized, and the list goes on.  Now they drag their feet and can't find any space for a gun store...so, years after Heller & McDonald, you are still not walking into a store to buy a handgun in DC.

When will the average American remember that we, too, may consider the Supreme Court as merely one of three Branches...all of whom answer to us, to be ignored at our discretion?

Our States have proven time and again they are no Andrew Jackson.  When even Texas yields to DHS, you must understand that the Masters have placed their Farm Team in the States, so your State Government will never lead the charge against Big Uncle...until you make your Governor fear you and your neighbors more than he fears Big Uncle.

Once again the answer can be found at the beginning - at our Founding.

How many Governors were sent in flight from home & hearth by mobs intent on Liberty?

It all starts with you, no matter what label you choose: III, Patriot, American, Texan, Just a Guy...

...it all comes down to you and me.

Here is the DC story if you care about the details, which are not important.  It's just a Sparklie.

That other part - about you & me deciding when we've had enough...not a Sparklie. 

That's all that matters anymore.


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