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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

More Race War Rah Rah!

Another US Congressman joins the hype for hostilities between the races in America.

The perversion is obvious, the motive criminal. If anyone takes the bait and starts a Ruckus upon racial lines, the Heavy Hand of FedGov will be felt by all and the U.S.S.A. will be finalized.

If Government interference in domestic affairs ceased to exist tomorrow, those of the FSA might not like it, but they would find making money very easy...IF Government ceased to meddle tomorrow.

We would all work fewer hours to earn more money.

Those are the Enemies of Liberty.

Here's the Congressman Carson story, if you care to be bothered.



  1. I'm sick of this shit.

    It's all the white folks fault. There is just not enough free handouts by the FedGov to satisfy these people. And yes, I said these people.

    Instead of sucking on the teat, why don't they do something to make an improvement in their lives?

    Most of us had to, especially if we did not come from a wealthy family.

    And why do people vote these parasites into office?

    My Gawd!


  2. I am one of his constituents. He is a ghost on my side of town. We never hear a word from him. This is the most press Andre has gotten since he rode Grandmama's coat-tails to political office.

  3. This is their main election ploy for the next year cuz they have nothing left. Get used to it.


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