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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Constitutionalist in 2012? Very Possible...

PJB offers an outstanding political analysis regarding Ron Paul, Michelle Bachmann, and how the rest of the field must play the Paul/Bachmann game, or lose.

No election is now capable of preventing implosion.  Yet the 2012 election will set the stage for the Ruckus and after.  Whatever assessment one may have of the Tea Party, one fact is indisputable: Establishment R's are being forced, by the Tea Party, to do things that they loathe...and it will only intensify as the candidates must each try to run furthest to the Right for the nomination.  Any R who runs far enough to the Right to be nominated will find it impossible to even approach the Middle during the General Election.

Can Ron Paul, or a candidate who holds the same general positions as does Ron Paul, defeat President Obama? 

Yes...especially if the economy remains in the toilet (a given) and Patriots raise our voices.

Yes, we can have a genuine Constitutionalist in the White House in 2012.

Who'd of thunk it just 2 years ago?

Here is PJB's column.



  1. It will be an amazing thing if the Dead Elephant machine permits even a semi "Constitutionalist" to be on the "R" ticket.

    They do this, or Obama will win.

    I think they'd rather have an enemy to blame than a Constitutionalist that will hold their feet to the fire.


  2. I fear for Dr pauls life if he keeps coming on strong.Before they considered him and us a joke!He is becoming more popular by the day as the Sheep slowly wake from their slumber. The PTB can't let someone like Ron Paul undo all their work.Either he has an (accident) or they just won't work with him if elected?


  3. I agree with Ya China,,,,but if anything including heartaack should happen to Ron Paul it's on.



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