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Friday, August 12, 2011

A nation of people with no self-respect: The FSA

The notion is gaining traction inside the beltway, and it is being structured in such a way that Tea Party opposition will not be able to kill it, unless the D's & Establishment R's really fumble.

The banks have massive debt on their books they can't unload, in the form of foreclorues and otherwise problematic house inventory.  It is bad for the banks, it is bad for "Recovery", and of course, there are homeless people who need to live somewhere, because the economic geniuses in the Administration are deliberately destroying the middle class.

What to do?

Start a new Government backed program that will put renters in the homes that are sitting empty.  You and I will get to pay rent for more deadbeats (and for some genuinely decent folks who are suffering).  The banks will charge market value or more, so their balance sheets improve.  Most of the "renters" will never pay, because there are no jobs and most are deadbeats, but the banks don't care because the money will come from the Government, including the money needed to upgrade the houses in the first place, and any money needed to keep the houses in "liveable" condition - you know; new paint, air conditioners when they break, refrigerators...all the things you and I must take care of ourselves in our homes.

And President Obama and his Maoist allies further entrench the republic in socialism.

May I even call it a republic anymore?

Here is one story on the topic.



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