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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Police officer shot dead after pointing stun gun at man's dogs as he attended domestic

Not every man stands still to be abused in his own home, even if you wear a badge & gun.

And many, many men take it personally if you try to kill their dogs.

Just sayin'.

When enough men protect the dirt beneath their own feet, we may become proper Americans again.

Here is the story.



  1. While I'm sorry a man had to die in this incident, I can't help but feel that a man ought to have the right to defend his castle against ANY ONE. I've read several articles discussing this shooting, and I can't shake the feeling that all the facts of what happened are not on the table. Piss poor reporting - imagine that! But if LEO comes onto my property uninvited, and threatens my family, my self, or even my dog, then the responsibility for my response rests with LEO.

  2. Point a gun at my dogs, I point a gun at you. Shoot my dogs, I shoot you.


  3. The homeowner didn't go far enough seeing how he was told to shoot the dogs and the mouthpiece walked away.
    Also daddy chose his "profession". Geesh the backwardsness of the sheeps thinking is just amazing!
    Better believe the homeowners personal hell will now begin at the request of the apparatus....


  4. I don't feel sorry for the "law enforcement" officer nor his family. The SoB was no longer a "Peace Officer" rather he chose to be a violent oppressor of the people occupying the government entity who put a badge on his chest.

    Good riddance. The sooner these "law enforcement" stooges start taking lead the sooner Americans can start to reclaim our Republic.


  5. violent oppressor......he responded to a domestic disturbance, where a citizen may have been oppressing someone elses rights, You know, life, liberty, and property.
    But your right, pointing a tazer at a dog should be a death sentence!!!!
    there is going to be a time and a place to hang your hat on an event that will define what we stand for, this is not it.

  6. One down, Ten Million more to go!


  7. Chris is right. The Chief who ordered the officer to shoot the dogs should have been shot as well. You know the citizen is going to burn for this, he might as well have taken another Nazi out as well. Perhaps the Chief actually deserved it more than the officer (who was "just following orders"), but the citizen had to stop the threat to his dogs, first.

    My dog is old and probably won't live more than another year or two at the most, but anyone who threatens him will die, if I am able. I'm tired of these cops who shoot peoples' dogs with impunity. It is about time they started paying the correct price for their actions.


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