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Friday, August 5, 2011


Something interesting over at Kerodin.com.

I posted a poll, asking if ATF whistleblowers Dobyns, Dodson & Cefalu were Patriots or Traitors.

At the moment we stand at about 60% voting Traitor.

Those of you in the 40% Patriot category - have you lost your minds?  What Patriot accepts a job in an unconstitutional agency, taking his paycheck from your wallet (taxpayer money), and daily - every single f'n day, works to imprison you & your Countrymen who are simply exercising God-given Right to 2A?

Has our Community been infiltrated by LEO at the rate of 40%?

Honestly, folks - if you think that Dodson, Dobyns & Cefalu are Patriots, please stop coming to my sites. 

You are useless to Liberty. 



  1. As for your poll, I did not participate and answer because your choice of words is misleading, at least to me. And, just like other polls, the wording of the stem is essential to the outcome of the poll in question.

    Your original wording, "Are ATF Whistleblowers Dobyns, Dodson & Cefalu Patriots or Traitors to 2A?" puts the reader in the position of accepting that the only alternatives are the 'up or down' choice of true blue patriot or traitor.

    Had you worded your stem,"Are ATF Whistleblowers Dobyns, Dodson & Cefalu
    Patriots, Traitors or violators of the 2A?" the poll would have been, again, at least to me, much more objective in seeking the opinion of our community.

    Seeing that additional choice, I would have voted 'Violators' immediately and without question, because that, is in fact, what they agreed to do in their jobs from the day they ironically took an Oath to protect, support and defend the Constitution.

    Traitor doesn't quite fit it because they did not levy war on the country or give aid to its enemies(Article Three, Section 3, US Constitution).

    Law breakers (criminals)? Yes. Traitors? Not quite because of the fact they refused to give aid or comfort to enemies of the US (drug cartels) and came forward, which is fine, but does not remove the blot of enforcing unconstitutional law when common language clearly demonstrates even their agency is unconstitutional in construct.

    My .02

  2. Thanks, Trainer.

    I worded it as I did because it is a black and white issue - there is no gray.

    Treason fits because anyone who works to undermine the black letter intent of the Constitution, who seeks to change the republic by unconstitutional means, is an enemy of the republic, seeking to overthrow it.

    There is no middle ground. Until we stop permitting the Enemies of Liberty to hide within gray areas, we lose. There is no "legitimate difference of opinion" when it comes to 2A. Anyone who enters into that discussion offends the clear intent of 2A.

    Any person who works to deny or infringe the clear Rights articulated in the Constitution is waging war against the republic.



  3. Keodin,

    I took your survey and knew which answer you thought was correct, but chose the other one because I couldn't remember the reasoning for your previously shared conclusion. Are whistleblowers patriotic? yes. Are ATF agents patriot? no.

    But no reason to be mean spirited in your post:

    "Honestly, folks - if you think that Dodson, Dobyns & Cefalu are Patriots, please stop coming to my sites.

    You are useless to Liberty."

    I took your survey, didn't answer the way you thought I should have, and in return for my time I got "attitude". We agree, ATF agents are not patriots. Lighten up. Thanks for your books and the work that you do.

    Ken Smith

  4. Sorry folks, we disagree.

    Any man or woman who makes it a career to imprison his Countrymen for exercising an innate Right, be it 2A, 1A or any other, is a Traitor who is seeking to undermine the Constitution, and thus the legitimacy of the republic.

    Anything else he may do is secondary, and simply can not wash away the sins of putting men like Olofson in prison on weapons charges.

    In my mind, there is no greater sin than Treason. Also to my mind, any LEO who enforces 2A infringements is a Traitor, and unwelcome in FreeFor...at least in my Tribe.

    Ken - I do not mean to be mean-spirited. I mean to convey, without any misunderstanding, that anyone standing with a Traitor is a Target, no matter the reasoning offered.

    No Quarter.


  5. I voted treason.

    While not as deep thinking and eloquent as some of you guys, I just look at the overall picture.

    And this low browed, knuckle-dragging patriot/terrorist fervently believes that the Constitution of the United States, our God, our traditions, our way of life is under attack with the intent to remove from all memory our history, accomplishments, and contributions to mankind in general.

    Complicit in this endeavor is a good portion, if not all of our federal government, of which the ATF is a part. While there might not be a commanding head in this evil, they all damn sure seem to work in concert attacking their own particular portion of our Constitution.

    They are in essence overthrowing the Country by subversive means.

    And this is not treason?

    Oh, and they are aiding an enemy. It's called communism.

    And one of the primary tools used by communists is the willing participation of dolts like the gentlemen in question to just do their jobs.

    Now, if those dol.. er, gentlemen, and some of you can't see what their contribution is to the destruction of the aforementioned, I'm not inclined to give a pass when I can see it.

    I understand that the eyes can get a little cloudy with power, large salaries, top-notch medical care, comfy retirements, and other perks. I do. I really do. I would never work for the government. I would never want to be tempted like that.

    I also understand that many of you are very fair minded and wish to do what you think is right and allow for the gray. The communist counts on that too.

    But, they made their deal with the devil. And just because they might be worried about their own ass or have an axe to grind with some superior(s), they are still treasonous bastards.
    While their transgressions may not warrant death, their sentence should be severe.

    We are at war. Per usual of late many of us continue to analyze, debate, ponder, pontificate the fecal storm that rages about us. We are at war. There is no gray in war, only black and white. Victory or defeat. Freedom or tyranny.

    Screw those guys.

  6. Thank you, Alan. You articulated the issue far better than did I.

    Stay safe.


  7. As of Sunday 07/07/11 the poll stands at 66% treason and 33% partiot.
    And my vote was treason. Simplly because of "Shall Not Be Infringed"

  8. Kerodin, I don't know the details of these agents but not everyone is wise at age 20. I've done a fair share of physicals for the military and on occasion came across folks that chose to become border patrol agents and folks who wanted to join the ATF. People change. Sometimes for the better, if they become wiser. Whatever was their motivation for joining this group, this action revealed that they can do what's right and in this instance, it was a harder choice.

  9. Ex-Dissident: Are you really prepared to look into the eyes of the dozens, perhaps hundrds of Olofson's these men unconstitutionally locked in prison and give them a pass because of a learning curve?

    I'm not.

    I knew at 20 I'd never stop a man from exercising a Right.

    Hell, I swore to it at the age of 18.

    My uncle taught me better at 13.

    No sir. They are Traitors to the United States Constitution and the people whose Rights they swore to protect.





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