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Friday, August 12, 2011

Yes, it can (and will) happen here.

Riot Control: They spray you with purple dye, then go door-to-door and arrest anyone looking like they belong in the Barney Fan Club.

Might I suggest, Patriots, if LEO comes at American Citizens who are advocating a serious return to Constitutional respect in such a manner that we do not play tit-for-tat, we do not engage in the silliness of proportional response.

If Americans (I use the word loosely and sloppily) are protesting for more goodies for the FSA (Free Sh*t Army), Patriots have no investment in the response LEO dishes out.

However, if Patriots take the decision to step to the Green and LEO comes with non-lethal, I vote we move from 1A to 2A immediately.  Overwhelmingly.  Relentlessly.  When LEO yields the field, Patriots go home.  So long as LEO intends to violate the Constitution and attempts to dominate, Patriots defend the fundamental values upon which this republic was built.

There is no middle ground.  Second Place is for Losers, Slaves and Subjects.  We are NOT Brits or Greeks or Punks.

We are Americans.  At least...I am.

Paint me purple?  Bang your nightstick against a shield to intimidate me?  Draw a Taser on me?

It's on. Some men are hard to kill.  I'm one of them.  

There's going to be a fight.



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