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Monday, September 19, 2011

2011: American Reality...every day

From the story: The informant, Ryan Logsdon, and former ATF agent Brandon McFadden testified in a recent police trial that they framed the Barneses with the help of Officer Jeff Henderson.

I bet the back-story is fascinating.  What leverage was brought to bear to make crooked LEO (including an ATF Agent, sorry for the redundancy) admit that they targeted Citizens for false arrest & prison sentences...

The front-story is enough to make one spit...well, folks like you & me, anyway.  The average American will never know this story, how routine it is, and they would not believe it if God Himself told them it was true.

Consider the piece Arctic Patriot wrote last night, it fits.

We all comfort ourselves that soon, one day, it's coming.

That's probably accurate.

But here is something else I know to be a fact: If I go first, noone will follow, and most people will never know the truth, or care.  Patriots will shake their heads and say too soon or he was a jerk, anyway.

I wonder how long John Parker gritted his teeth before going to the Green.  I wonder how many of his neighbors didn't follow him...you'll notice that we do not know any of their names.

Here is the story.



  1. The man upstairs would know Sam. That's all that matters me thinks.

  2. That whole scenario makes me want to retch.

    Lemme guess...some of us would say that the former dirt bag ATF agent who decided to "come clean" in this case should be worshipped as a hero, since he's now a "whistleblower"?

    I can only hope that he's now a "former" agent because he saw the light.


  3. In a somewhat related story:

    Indiana Supreme Court Reaffirms Ruling In Officer Resistance Case


    This caused quite a stink a couple of months ago. Looks like Leviathan doesn't care...of course.

    For what it's worth..in talking with the father of an Indianapolis cop....he says that a large portion of Indianapolis cops are not inclined to bust down doors without a warrant, no matter the court ruling.

    I don't know if this is because the cops fear getting ventilated, or because they are respecting their oath.

    I suspect it's a lot of both.

    (Sam...feel free to run with this story as a blog post and not publish this comment. You say it better than I ever could.)

  4. Walter: Thank you for the story insight and the kind words. Your Comment is perfect in your own words; concise, articulate and highly relevant. I will explore a full post, too.

    Stay safe.



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