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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Building the FSA: One State at a Time

Oregon received a $5 million dollar "Bonus" for adding more people to the FSA.

The end-user will like the money.  The politicians who get a piece of the bonus to spend will like the money.  The politicians who get re-elected by their FSA minions will like the power.

And when SHTF, you can bet the order will be given for the FSA to march...on you.

The FSA Army is not simply made up of inner-city black folk.  Look at every single person who receives payments in any form from the Government that are greater than the amount they put in over the years.  Look at every company that relies on Big Brother.  Look to every person taking a paycheck from Government.  Look to every Union.

The FSA is everyone who takes a freebie and every one of your neighbors who supports giving out freebies.

Do you grasp how outnumbered we are?

Here's the story.



  1. It's important to remember your fourth paragraph. Just as blacks are about 12% of the population nationwide, the typical welfare recipient is a white woman, with a couple of kids. That's not to say that the population is uniform across the country: inner city Chicago is much darker than Montana, say.

    There's a strange aspect of psychology that makes minorities seem bigger than they are.

    We need to see things as they are, not as we preconceive them.


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