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Monday, September 12, 2011

Coexistence is Futile

Column at Kerodin.com - Constitutionalists simply can not coexist with Enemies of Liberty.

Enemies of Liberty may have no safe have in our 50 States, even if those States secede.

Column at Kerodin.com, here.



  1. It's a very well written and clear column, that brings together some of the issues you've been dealing with lately.

    At the same time, sadly, I think it's a bar too high. That is there are not enough Constitutionalists in our nation, apparently, to make even a single state adhere to a strict interpretation, much less enough to politically cleanse the entire USA of the coercive collectivists.

    Still one needs to start with first principles.

    One of yours appears to be that any area having once come under the influence of the Constitution it can never revert to non-Constitutional government. This actually parallels a tenent of Islam, one that has resulted in a lot of suffering and explains the fixation that some jihadi's have on Israel and even places like Spain.

    My own view is that the best we can possibly hope for is to sub-divide the USA and cede some areas to the statists and Marxists.

    The numbers of statist scum to be ejected from some areas make it a pointless endevour. Or if you did it you would be operating in a way reminiscent of Hitler, who wanted all historically German lands (and he had a very broad interpretation of this) made ready for German repopulation and growth.

    Large groups of people (like the Poles in WW2, or, say the Liberals of New York in my example) can not realistically be expelled from the place they have lived for generations either because they are "not German", nor because "they don't support the Constitution".

    Well they can be, but in the eyes of the world you will be reverting to a very old law: Might Makes Right, and acting not in a way that honors the ideals of the founders, but more in a way that reminds of warlords throughtout history.

    Something more like the "velvet divorce" where Czechoslovakia peacefully broke into it's two core components, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, is what is to be sought, in my opinion. Had the Czechs insisted that Slovakian rule be ended and everyone live uder Czech laws and customs, even had they prevailed after the inevitable civil war, they would have ended up with a hostile minority in their midst.

    The advantage of the divorce plan is that it gives the statists in someplace like Wyoming an easy out: OK, you can move to the Serf States.


    A more intersting interpretation of this article in on the intensely personal level. Among my small group of friends who discuss political issues in a very frank and intense way there is one leftist. The interesting question is when each of us take the step of rejecting and ending communication and friendship with such people. Up to some point one can say "I'm trying to bring him around". But like a bad drunk, there can also come a point where you realize, this guy's not interested in sobering up. He like being a retarded liberal. He's disengenuous in his beliefs, he is supporting leftists, he doesn't respect the Constitution.

    It's hard to cut old friends loose over politics, and harder still to figuer out what to do with family on the other side of the line.

    Your article has an interesting perspective, and I appreciate your publishing it.

  2. Jackson, thank you for taking the time to consider the column.

    Consider this perspective: Let us set aside the details of the Constitution Proper and focus on the unalienable Rights of Men, granted by our Creator and recognized by our Founders, such as Freedom of Speech, Right to Arms & Defense, Security in our Persons, Pursuit of Happiness, et al.

    These are the principles I say may never be yielded within the boundaries of the USA, even in secession, because our Founders in every State ratified and codified those innate principles for themselves and their posterity. I am one of those posterity (some would say posterior, but that's another issue ;)

    Yes, our numbers are weak and Collectivists and Marxists outnumber us exponentially - that just means it'll be a better fight, more fun for those of us who like a good fight. This piece of geography was conquered & claimed for Liberty...no matter who may say differently in later generations.

    I think we have a Right and an Obligation to help our Collectivist Countrymen to see their way from our midst...by any means necessary.

    I say the Serf States are Canada, Mexico, Europe, South America...

    Thanks again,



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