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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Example of a Genuine Scandal that can bring down an Administration...

Solyndra executives made more than 20 trips to the White House before Uncle Sam gave the company loans of about $500,000,000.

Now, the company has filed bankruptcy.

You want a genuine political corruption scandal that has the potential to bring down a Government, here is one.  Who made the call to authorize the loans.  Were any SOP's circumvented to give the money away?  Where was the money spent?

Corruption and slickery deals with money changing hands are the real scandals that hurt in Washington (the only scandal better involves unnatural acts with interns...)

Will the R's have the stones to dig in?

Here is the story.



  1. Attack your enemy anywhere he is vulnerable. On all fronts.


  2. Be serious....who is going to investigate THIS leftist Eric Holder and his corrupt band at DoJ ? Holder and his DoJ/BATFE minions funneled firearms across the Mexican border, broke treaties, violated Federal laws (oops, almost forgot, Holder IS the law), refused to prosecute racist bastards in the Philly voter intimidation debacle and you think THIS financial payoff is going to bring the illegal Kenyan down ? Me thinks not. Special Prosecuter ? Who'll initiate that ? Pelosi, Reid, Boehner....yeah, riiiiiight !

    I'm still waiting for Grassley and Issa to issue indictments for Holder refusing to respond to subpoenas issued per the Gunwalker "investigation".

    Don't hold your schedule breath.


  3. Dan: I do not expect anyone to do anything about it. That's the point. But Sex & Money will always create a bigger potential scandal than guns...



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