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Thursday, September 8, 2011

No Hands - That's the Rule

I can't stand a bully.  Whether a Ron Paul supporter or not, Rick Perry should have had his eyes swelled shut for putting his hands on Congressman Paul.  Where was Rand?

Those of you who weighed in and told us about Governor Perry appear to be 100% accurate about the man - he is not suited for the office of President.



  1. People touch each other. It happens. It doesn't look like assault to me. It just looks like the standard alpha male bullshit. "I'm your buddy but BTW I'm also better than you."

    If Ron Paul had a problem with it he should have big boyed Perry right then. If he doesn't have the gumption to do that, he doesn't have the gumption to be Commander in Chief, which is my main complaint against him. The President's main job is CinC, not domestic policy. You have to be able to do that job before I get to the other stuff.

    (Paul still beats Obama on that one, but it's close.)

  2. He clearly violated the gentlemanly rules of debate. That's not a good thing, but Ron Paul doens't look particularly intimidated.

    I'm not willing to write him off based on one debate protocol violation.

  3. Tried to tell you about this "man" Perry is a Slim-ball.

    Ron Paul is the man that both establishment Parties FEAR is that not enough reason to take a better look at Ron and then support his/our cause.

    RON PAUL 2012!


  4. Paul says it's all bullshit.


  5. I agree: Ron Paul did not look intimidated a bit. But he is probably 20-25 years older than Perry who was merely trying to score points like a punk. It was inappropriate.

    Personally, I have a no-hands rule. Once a man has made contact, he is much closer to being able to do real damage if he is well trained.

    I also have a personal space rule, for much the same reason.

    Obviously, Perry was just trying to intimidate and show the world he is taller and stronger, but it was not cool.


  6. John Wayne said it best in the Shootist:
    I wont be wronged,i wont be insulted,and i wont be laid a hand on. I dont do these things to other people,and i expect the same from them.
    Words to live by my freinds! Expect nothing but a fat lip or a bloody nose at the least if they're broken. Period!



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