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Sunday, September 11, 2011


A question for those who read this blog and who consider themselves Constitutionalists:  Do you see any value in a 30 minute Cable/Broadcast television program espousing our perspective on Constitutional values, or a 30/60 minute radio format for the same topic?

Either show would unashamedly declare Entitlements to be Unconstitutional (Michelle Bachmann, you really broke my heart), all 2A laws to be unconstitutional, would call out the FSA and the Political Class that subsidizes them, et cetera.  We could advertise "our" blogs in major markets and nationally...

No, I do not think either show would prevent implosion.

But do you see any value for us being front & center on a cable channel like Fox Business that makes Stossel & the Judge look like moderates?  While Rick Perry is almost surely pandering to the Right when he calls Social Security a Ponzi Scheme - at least a national level politician has thrown it out there and perhaps we can pick it up and run...



  1. That would be neat, but I don't think it'll be given a chance.

    I wouldn't see it anyway, as I don't watch the trash on either cable or networks. If the shows are not garbage, the commercials are.

    I would kick someone out of my home for espousing the filth present on most of tv; why would I let it into my home via another means?

    On the other hand, a catchy show is likely the best way to get to Americans.


  2. The better question is, "Are you prepared to accept the vitriol, the hatred, the misinformation, the attacks, and the slander that would be directed your way?" If so, then yes, that'd be awesome. But you'd have to have rhino skin.


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