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Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Suspend elections to work on the economy, she says...
What say you?
Wouldn't it be nice if They made it that easy for us, offering such an obvious casus belli?
Make no mistake, They genuinely want to suspend everything about that silly Constitution.
Will They be so bold as to simply say so when They make their move?
To Hell with every Enemy of Liberty.
So say we all.


  1. How about we suspend elections for as long as she can hold her breath? Or, conversely, we make her hold her breath for as long as elections are suspended?

    I have absolutely zero desire to go to D.C., but if elections are suspended - and don't think for a second that The Voice Of The Teleprompter hasn't considered it - I will have to change my name to "Paladin".

  2. No joke, I am sure. I imagine Hussein set it up with her when he was here recently hoping it might fly. Her demeanor was not of one making a joke, from all I've read. Anyway, good luck bozos.

  3. Well, that'd be one quick way to usher in our first true 'Civil War'.....

  4. I hope that the good folks in North Carolina take care of this minor problem.


  5. How about if we suspend the elected while we work on things?

    Send all of the kleptocrat ruling class home and do a little cleaning?

  6. Graybeard said...

    "How about if we suspend the elected while we work on things?"

    I'm all for this as long as they are suspended by a sturdy length of hemp. ;)

    Suspension of elections didn't happen even during WW2. This treasonous cunt is out of her mind.

  7. How about we fire all of them, take away all their pensions and hang them for treason, and go back 40 years just to make it clear that their tyranny was noticed and recorded.


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