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Monday, September 26, 2011

Watch both hands, not just the one holding the Sparklie...

The collapsing Euro.  Solyndra.  LightSquared.  GunWalker.  Czars.  Putin is coming back (never left).  Van Jones is a Commie.  ObamaCare.  Rick Perry is phony.  MSM conspiracy against Ron Paul.  RINO's suck.  Lib's suck worse. 

This list never ends.

That is the purpose of the list.


Check current course & speed and tell me which of these issues will mean a whit the moment SHTF.

Not. A. Single. F'n. One.

Do not be caught flat-footed.


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  1. There ARE an awful lot of distractions out there.

    Stay the course.



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