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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Weary Warriors

General Washington looks weary to me, in this painting.  Surely there were many times during the war to birth this nation, which had been placed upon his shoulders and a small army of men who took the field with him, weariness was often a companion.  I suspect weariness was often joined with doubt and a general sense of overwhelm.

Look around our community of writers.  TL, Arctic Patriot, Curtis and others have all been courageous voices and I dare say they stand now much as General Washington.  I have not spoken with any of these people on this topic, this is merely my observation.  The lack of their voice is noticed, at least by me.

Another in our community, one who has been at this blogging thing for a very long time, is also very weary.  He and I spoke of it briefly.  He continues, but he is intimately familiar with the sense that we all feel from time to time, that we are beating our heads against a wall with little, or no, progress.  Alvie, too, took a break a while ago...it was noticed.

To Patriots who feel as though they've said everything there is to say, at least once, I know how you feel.  When, if, it becomes right for you to return to the keyboard, good.  If your path takes you another direction, you have to follow your own path.  My path is certainly not to blog and write columns up to the moment of Implosion.

To all Patriots: I think we are simply, as AP mentioned recently, waiting.

We all seem to agree that Implosion is imminent.  Do what you have to do to be ready on that day.  America will become embroiled in an existential fight, and a fight that will determine whether our posterity will live under Liberty or Tyranny.

Make no mistake: You and I live under Tyranny, today.  It will collapse under its own weight, then we will move.

600,000 Americans, or so, died in our Second Revolution.  Consider that 53% of voters elected President Obama.  Consider that nearly 50% of all Americans take money stolen from the remainder in the form of handouts from FedGov.  Consider that across all levels of Government there are about 28 million employees.

There are many, many Americans who will line up against Constitutionalists.

You are going to need your energy.  You are going to have to harden your hearts, because if Constitutionalists will again rule this land, there will be many, many millions of dead.

My friends, if you all feel weary today, find a way to decompress - for the weariness you will know in our near future is something that I lack the skills to articulate.  There is a lot of ugly work ahead, just to survive.  To prevail will require savage endurance never before seen on this planet.

Stay safe.



  1. He looks determined and abit pissed off, kind of like me. I will not tolerate anymore abridgements of the US Constitution.3% all the way.

  2. I only discovered this blogs and the others mentioned in the middle of this summer. I'm sure there are many others who feel isolated. I read every post on Kerodin.com in the first week I found it. I read some of them out loud to trusted friends.

    It is impossible to measure the impact that work of the patriot bloggers has, often it probably seems pointless. But that's wrong. It is having an impact on many people who don't comment but still get it.

    Thanks to you, AP, TL, and the others for investing your time in explaining your positions. There is much worth reading and thinking about in this little corner of the web.

  3. Jackson: Thanks to you for visiting & engaging. We are all in this together.




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