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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

When the Facts Change...

...you must be willing to reconsider your position.

I stand now with this analysis: If the Obama Administration falls because of a scandal, it will not be GunWalker, it will not be his Birth Cert, it will be Solyndra.

Cronyism, that which President Obama campaigned so vehemently against, will be the final sin his supporters will not tolerate.  The backroom deals around ObamaCare hurt him, make no mistake.  His most diehard supporters are True Believers.  They were disgusted by the shenanigans.

If it turns out that President Obama is involved, or even tacitly allowed, anything inappropriate with the Solyndra loan, his base will abandon him.

As I said before: This is the type of scandal that brings down Administrations...not sex, not guns...

Here is just one story, and it is already building momentum.



  1. I agree this is huge, and anothere indictment of Obama. Good catch on the story.


    His followers will vote for him before a republican.

    Do you think that the people who elect Sheila Jackson, Pelosi, or Jesse Jackson Jr. to office over and over will fail to vote for him because of a scandal?

    No way. The issues (that America largely ignores) that will be used for leverage in 2012 will dwarf corruption.

    You've seen it Kerodin, and posted about parts of it here. This will be a racially divisive election. Perhaps the most divisive ever, and it may spill out onto the streets. No way will people like "My People" Eric Holder, or "Kill Whitey's Babies" Malik Shabazz abandon Obama over a freaking corruption scandal. Likewise, no white liberal in his/her right mind will risk being cast as a "racist" by abandoning him in 2012. No liberal in his or her right mind will abandon Obama, even for what passes as a conservative today.

    They might abandon him for another Liberal, but the odds of one getting the Democratic nomination are Slim to None, and Slim just left town.

    The voters that put Obama into office in 2008 would rather him get another term than a Paul, Palin, Bachman, or Perry.

    But, one can hope.

    My money's still on Obama in 2012.

  2. While I agree with Arctic Patriots opinion of liberals it wasn't the die-hard libs that elected Obama. It was the average garden variety suburban White woman (and some men) who felt they had something to atone for due to all the white guilt that has been spread around for decades attached to their government sponsored self reliance. It was the barely politically conscious independents who bought into the media smear against Bush and Co. Point of fact it was middle America who elected him and a good cronyism scandal will sour them quicker than any gun issue. Most of these people think a single shot firearm is all that a person should be allowed to have and then only for hunting but greasing a rich man's palm? Oh that will hit them and turn them quick.

  3. Hi AP,

    He is already losing his base and the middle. They have nowhere else to go, of course, they'd never vote R - but a great many will refuse to go to the polls and vote for President Obama again.

    And if the R's nominate someone like Romney...well, that's the same as nominating a D.

    This is all Sparklie - it will not prevent or even delay Implosion, and I agree that there will be violence surrounding this election cycle, but it is a fun Sparklie to watch, especially if President Obama can be directly tied to pushing the loan.

    D's will eat their own if they feel betrayed, just as R's will - just ask "Read my lips" Bush.

    D's do not care about sex scandals. D's don't care about things like GunWalker - they'd do anything to advance the anti-gun position. But getting caught is the sin, and D's love the High Horse, even against one of their own, if the offender has let them down. And President Obama has let down the Hard Left, the "Moderate" Left and the Independent Middle.

    The Weiner seat says it all.

    Stay safe.



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