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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Al Awlaki, Your Neighbor the Liberal & the Right to Defend the Republic

I have argued for a very long time that when anyone takes active steps to undermine the intent of the Founders as embodied in our Founding Documents, that person crosses a line into Treason. 

If you want to change America into a Socialist country, you may not do it even at the ballot box

The fundamentals embodied in the DoI, the BoR and the Constitution articulate an unalterable set of standards by which every single American is entitled to live by Right of being an American.  You may not vote away 2A, 1A, 4A, or any other Right of any American.  New York may not ban firearms any more than California may ban Free Speech or Texas may impose a State Religion.

If you attempt to do so, you are attacking the very foundation of the republic.  You are acting to overthrow the republic.  You are behaving treasonously.  You open yourself to Article III Section III, and more importantly, you open yourself to sanction by every patriotic American, for it is We the People who are, in fact, the Government.  It is We the People who hold the ultimate Right to violence & defense.  It is We the People who are merely defending ourselves and our republic by stomping the snot out of any Enemy of Liberty in our midst.

I explore this in Our Fathers Weep: It's the Constitution, Stupid!

In III to Liberty I re-iterated the premise alongside several of our community's best bloggers, writers & thinkers.

The man who seeks to undermine and overthrow the republic by perverting the clear meaning and intent embodied in our Founding Documents, or by voting unconstitutional laws into effect, is as guilty of attacking the republic as is any foreign power or SEIU idiot who attacks and seeks the same result through force of arms.

Anwar al Awlaki: Why is it wrong to kill this man, as is being bellowed by so many in our community?  If he is acting to kill you or your family and striving for the demise of the republic - and he confesses it publicly, on video - and he has the means to do so, why on Earth would any American hesitate to pull the trigger?

Do you not claim the same Right to pull the trigger on anyone actively seeking to, or responsible for, trying to enslave or kill your family?  Would you not claim the Right to pull the trigger on a bad guy in your home who is pointing a weapon at your wife?  Is your wife any less dead if shot by the home invader than by Nidal Hasan on a military base?  Is not Hasan's handler just as guilty as Hasan?

Is not stealing the bread from the mouths of your children by tax, regulation, rule or law just as immoral as doing so by gunpoint?

There is no difference between Al Awlaki and every person in America who votes for the same end as he strived to attain: The death of the republic.

If we may not kill a man who is attempting to kill us, we have surrendered our Right to defend Life.

If we may not kill a man who is trying to overthrow our republic and enslave our children, whether by arms or the ballot box, we have surrendered our Right to Liberty.

I surrender nothing.




  1. While I understand what you are getting at, there is just one distinction here. A constitutional republic did not kill this man. This is the same government that assumes that same power over every one of us. I understand that some people may not get my logic here, but I don't sanction this assassination by this government anymore than the Nazi's, communists, socialists, fascists assassinating ... their enemies.

    If this was a legitimate hit, our gov wouldn't be hiding behind some secret memo or secret law to do it. It would plainly come out and say he was an enemy of the republic under Art. 3 Sec. 3 (which he is not, because we are not a republic). Wickedness and evil is always done in the dark. Righteousness has no need to hide. And our government is hiding.

    Awlaki was nothing more than a loud mouth and a impediment to US.gov bringing the Muslim Gap into the Core, i.e. the NWO. Meanwhile, our government is schmoozing with the Muslim Brotherhood. I'm not sure what kind of deal they made, but it will backfire.

    Other than that, I get what you are saying, and maybe I am splitting hairs and out witting myself. But then again, I don't sanction my government.

  2. Curtis: I get your logic & distinction, perfectly. Neither you or I ever voted for anyone who ran on a platform of killing Americans. The people claiming to be working on our behalf, our "Government" are out-of-control Tyrants.

    But We the People, ultimately, are the true power. When we do invoke Article III Section III against those who have been Masters, we get to look them in the eye and explain that what is good for the goose is good for the gander. ;)

    If They can claim the Right to kill Americans in the name of self-defense...so can we.


  3. and who will be that Judge to determine when that "line" into treason is crossed? If my 76 year old mother votes for a bond referendum to borrow money to build A, B or C, should she be executed.

    Perhaps you should read a little more closely the papers of our Founders. Guess what, they were LAWYERS and they believed in due process of law. A man was killed without that due process. That man was a US citizen. I couldn't care less about the man, but I do care about the process. The same process that is being violated day in and day out. I know it is, but I don't have to give my approval.

    If the IRS comes to your door and locks you up and siezes all of your possessions without so much as a court order, am I to say...well. he is a traitor. He didn't pay his taxes as stated by law in the Constitution...

  4. Anon: I understand your concern for the erosion of the principle of Law.

    I also make the Common Sense argument: al Awlaki called for the death of my Countrymen on several occasions and took active steps to make that happen. He was pushing for the ULTIMATE erosion of our principles and laws.

    I am under no moral obligation to die or let my Countrymen suffer simply because others are willing to suffer or die.

    If my neighbor posts on Facebook that he intends to kill me, I'm going to take him seriously. I'll let LEO have first crack at it and use Law & The System. If they blow it, I'll take care of it myself.

    Article III Section III does not call only for execution, though it permits it. It also permits lesser sentences. If Grammy does something illegal, civilized people look to mens rea. That's our system. Now, the people floating the bond deserve a closer look...

    And, honestly: If the IRS comes to me without a warrant, you have no intention of doing anything about it, anyway. You may shake your head, grumble about the failure of the system, and you might even mention it on a blog.

    But you won't do anything.



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