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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

For Your Consideration

Revisited: Posted this originally last year. It is still timely.

The republic for which Betsy Ross created our first Stars & Stripes was a culture for us, the sons and daughters of Athens, Sparta, Rome, Jerusalem, London. 

We are the sons and daughters of King Leonidas, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Plutarch, Pythagoras, Cicero, Christ and so many others who gave rise to the ideals and morality of our Founding Generation.

Our morals, ethics, values are different from every other culture on planet Earth.  We call them, loosely, Western Values.

Our values, those of Thomas Jefferson and many of us today who believe in Right and Wrong as evolved by our culture and Christian-based religions, are different from every other culture on Earth. 

We, Americans, are different on fundamental cultural levels than every other people on Earth.

We are the last bastion of Liberty.

There is not one other nation on the planet that holds her Citizen's as the true power of Government, codified in their Constitution and recognized with innate Rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  No other country recognizes that it is the Right of the citizen by nature of his very existence to pray, speak, defend himself...even the "free" nations of the world beyond America contend that such Rights are granted by Government.

We, the sons and daughters of Greece, Rome, Jerusalem, do not look upon the world or one another as do the cultures of those from south of the Rio Grande, or Asia, or Africa, or Russia, and today we have less in common with the members of our tribe who occupy Western Europe.

We are different from them all, in our most fundamental view of life.

If you think this discussion is about the color of skin, you can not be more wrong.

This is about thousands of years of culture.

Our culture is different, and I contend better and more humane than any other culture on Earth.

When we permit large numbers of people from other cultures into our midst who choose not to adapt to our culture, but instead they insist that we adapt to theirs, we do irreparable injury to our people.  Tolerance is one thing, and willful self-destruction is another.

When we permit some of our own people (politicians, Banksters) to pander to the people of other cultures for selfish and greedy reasons, we do injury to our own.

One need not go to church on Sundays to hold dear the fundamental morality and ethics of Judeo-Christian culture.  As this is not about skin color, it is not about religion.

It is about culture.  It is about our culture's determination of Right versus Wrong.

If you cherish the culture that is ours, born in ancient Greece and brought to the shores of America, secured in writing by blood and oath by our Founding Generation, I would ask that you consider deeply the damage done to ourselves, our children, and our entire posterity, by embracing and tolerating other cultures that do not share our values, morality and goals.

The culture of Athens, Rome and Jerusalem lives today only within the boundaries of the united States of America.  And it is under relentless attack by other cultures in our midst as well as those who would enrich themselves by surrendering our most fundamental essence.

If you want the ideals embodied in our Founding Documents to survive, you'd better be preparing for the fight of your lives...and you'd better understand that only by absolute and complete ejection and decimation of those who seek to destroy our culture can we prevail.

If you want Liberty in your lifetime, you'd better identify the true Enemies of Liberty, and engage.




  1. More than well said.

    It is a piece that helps define, a piece that facilitates focus.

    Some of us are the remnant of a dream. And we are endowed with a particular vibration. I feel it. I live it. I am able to identify it in others.

    Unfortunately our number is small. So very small.

    My prayer is that God smiles on us as he did our ancestors. We are truly in great danger and really not able to repel the evil set upon our destruction by ourselves.

    Thank you Mr.Kerodin.

  2. Well said...I'd like a better result than decimation, as that's only reducing their number by ten percent, strictly speaking.

    I'd settle for their complete voluntary or involuntary deportation of at least ninety percent of all known/proven enemies of the Constitution to a country of their choice selected from the following: China, Venezeula, North Korea, Somolia, Kenya, or the Sudan. Figure that 10 percent might be repentant or just blend in and not get caught.

    Of course, those in government at any level who were an enemy of the Constitution wouldn't be given that option. Those "people" would be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and if convicted, punished accordingly.

    But that's me.

  3. Alan: Thank you, sir.

    Our numbers are small to be sure, but every one of us is worth scores of our enemies. That may be our only advantage...except for the fact that we are right and moral.

    We will prevail with Patriots like you on our side.


  4. Trainer: Thank you - I had not considered the root of "decimate" until you pointed it out. ;) You are exactly right, they all need to go.

    And our Banksters and Politicians and law enforcement class that have aided and abetted our loss of exceptionalism deserve nothing more or less than to face a jury.

    We can get there in our lifetimes, I am convinced, if we get started soon.


  5. Today is 4 JUL. I'm not flying a Stars & Stripes. I'm flying my Gadsen. Betsy Ross & Gadsen. When I pass I want my coffin draped on Betsy Ross.


  6. The chicken is fried, the potato salad is made. We're waiting for the children and grandchildren...but I have to spend some time with my Patriot family too, especially on the 4Th of July. Yes, I consider all of you family and am honored to be able to share ideas with all of you.

    K, that is a good post and I believe what you say. Yes, it is still timely.

    Miss Violet


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