Enemies of Liberty are ruthless. To own your Liberty, you'd better come harder than your enemies..

Monday, October 24, 2011

From Concerned American: The Polygonal Battlespace

Restoration will never be a brief dust-up with Patriots & Good Ol' Boys against a few uniformed LEO and Liberty-hating politicians.

No, sir.

If we are to ever have Liberty again the Ruckus will make Messers Jefferson, Fanklin, Parker, et al, weep.

Today, just pick three random places and stop, then turn 360 degrees and look at the Souls around you.

You'll probably not find one single "American" in your midst who understands or wants Constitutional Liberty.

I have personally been in a few fights.  Some have been downright nasty, even by my standards.  More than a few should have been my final moments on this plane of existence.

What is coming will spare none.

Read CA's piece and think about it.


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