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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

III Percent Platform: Our Book

Remember, III to Liberty: The Fight to Restore the Constitution is our book.

Hundreds and hundreds of you voted through polls to help shape the content and lay out our positions, staking out our piece of real estate on the political spectrum.

I mention it only because my bride visited a local gun shop this afternoon, and I hit a surplus store and dropped off complimentary copies.  The sales clerks/managers loved it.  We invited them to read the book, and sell it as an impulse purchase at the register...of course we pointed out they could re-supply at wholesale at IIIPercent.com when they want to sell more copies.

Have you considered buying a dozen at IIIPercent.com ($66) and handing a copy or two to each of your local gun shops or surplus stores?  Spreading our message is important.

I wish I could make them all free.  I would if I could.  But if you give your favorite gun shop 2 copies he'll sell them and then re-order, and our message will slowly reach beyond our blogs...

Think about it.

Here's the Amazon retail link.

Here's the IIIPercent.com wholesale link.



  1. Please go to Amazon and recommend the book. A short sentence will suffice. Also the book should sell well at your monthly SCV meeting. I'm going to buy 12 and sell at cost. No brainer.

  2. Thanks, Brock. They'll ship directly to you from Amazon. Let us know what kind of reception you get from your locals.




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