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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Islam Rising

Regular readers here and at Kerodin.com know I took the position long ago that President Obama's agenda in the Muslim World, the Arab Spring, his agenda toward Israel, et al, are all a calculated, determined effort to empower Islam and to unleash their sickness upon the world.

Whether you think such moves are fabrications of transnational Masters or not is moot - the effect is the same and it is real, and it is working.  They have Korans, AK's, manpower, and true belief.  They believe they have the grace of God on their side.

Islam now controls the assets of several very powerful militaries.  They control nuclear weapons.  They now have the tax base of several of the richest nations on the planet.  And only a fool would discount that they are sincere about subjugating the planet.

If one equates Islam  to fire, one must recall General Washington's counsel: Fire is a handy servant and a dangerous Master.

One thing we know, our Masters have proven time and again that in their hubris they have demonstrated an absolute incompetence to handle the powers they unleash in the world.  They think they can handle the fire.

Islam is not an immediate threat to our republic for this generation, even with the fools in our midst who try to advance that cause.  But left unchecked, they will butcher our posterity.

Your immediate threat is your neighber, your bankster, your politician.  But educate your children that in their lifetimes they will face the task of returning the influence of Islam at least a thousand years into the past.

If we are to make that possible for our posterity, we must clear the way for them and be rid of those today who claim to be Masters, those who would use the tool of Islam as a weapon.

Across North Africa and the Middle East, Southern Asia, and with heavy infiltrations into Europe, Islam is changing the tenor of the planet.

End it, now, while you are alive.

If not you, then who?  Only coward let others handle their responsibilities.

I encourage you to click on Drudge right now and look at the expression on our President's face and the headline about Islam Rising.

It is our watch.  Will we fail history, will we fail our children, will we fail our Souls...

Will we fail our Creator?

Here's the link to CA's place, he has the picture.



  1. For a few years now, I've realized that while economies can be fixed, islam is our bigger problem.
    This is a good piece. Thanks.
    Dan III

  2. well i think that your absolutely right , thats crazy talk from those islamys and everybody knows that jesus prevails in the end....christ said love your nieghbor as yourself so are we doing the right thing by not loving the hell out of islam? i do beleive its a false way to live but i beleive in what the teachings of christ say.

  3. Are you insane or just uneducated? You piece of ignorant shit


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