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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Kerodin.com: A Plan for Patriots, Today.

The Sons of Liberty are the reason America defeated the British.

Every Liberty you still possess is a direct result of the work done by those men and women.

If you would leave more Liberty to your posterity than you enjoy today, you have no choice but to emulate the original III Percent.

In your AO, right now, is a statement you can make to advance Liberty.

Stop looking into the future.  The time is now.

Here's the column.  Think.  Do.



  1. Yes, the patriots have been slow to get involved. They don't see the big picture right now. Many reasons for this, but for the Second Amendment types they still perceive "less" reason to since they got their semi-auto guns back in 2004. Then more recently they all became focused on the economy and just wonder if they're going to keep their jobs. Most of them don't understand the policies which put the economy into this position in the first place (via first Bush and Clinton).

    As far as numbers on the street of visible patriots go, that could still change quickly. I remember when a county group was able to field 100 man protests back in the mid-90s through little more than word of mouth and a phone tree. All it takes is a concrete threat to their bearing of arms to motivate them.

  2. Welcome, GS.

    We (the genuinely patriotic Right) still have a formidable Army, though most simply do not feel the need to take the field, yet. And, our Army is armed. That's a big plus.

    What worries me is that even among our NRA folks on the Right (the bulk of our Army) there is a passing interest in genuine Constitutional adherence, and not much more. As you pointed out, they are quite willing to go back home once they get their semi-auto's back...they have no stomach for the underlying premise of Constitutional Right to full-auto, genuine freedom of 4A, et cetera.

    I also think they are the type of "Conservative" who thinks Social Security and Medicare are good.

    I think the "average" right-of-center American today is a far different animal than the average right-of-center American in 1776.

    We (folks like you and me) have one hell of a fight in our future.

    Stay safe.



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