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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Liberty IV: Economic Warfare

Boycotts work, if people are serious. 

If you deny a company - any company - 10% of its revenue stream or customer base, you win.  There are many ways to do this, sometimes with a laser focus on one method, or you can evolve to exploit many avenues of attack.

They may not fold, but you win.  10% can be a LOT of money...and making a 10% ding is not as difficult as one may think. 

I know this to be fact.

This series of Liberty posts is based on Concerned American's premise of a Polygonal Battlespace.  Liberty is under attack from many sides and our fights must be identified, prioritized, and engaged with the intent and determination to win. 

Economic Warfare is a time-tested and effective methodology.

I'd like every III Patriot to consider a singular act of economic warfare.  Right now.  In your town (and online when you buy gear).

If we Patriots consider that LEO will be the tool used in any serious kerfluffle, look around your town and see who is lending aid and support to the enemy.  Do you have a gun shop that is focused primarily on selling to the LEO community?  Do you buy your ammo from that gun shop?


When you buy online, does the company you buy gear from press heavily for LEO/Government business?  Do you buy from them? 


On this front of the Battlespace every III Patriot can make a difference by taking the decision to launch a war against the offending gun shops in your town.  Let your buddies know to buy their bullets elsewhere.  Make noise.

Walk into their shop, hand them a copy of our III book and tell them, to their faces, that they are abetting the Enemies of Liberty and you intend to do everything you can to educate the folks of your town that there are better places to buy their widgets.

Wars are won by winning battles.  Not all battles are violent.  4GW.

Think about it.


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  1. A new (chain) pizza place opened my town, and placed an employment add in Spanish in the local paper. There was an immediate boycott and picketing. The add was retracted and an apology was issued. The boycott ended, but about a year later, so did the business. It DOES work.


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