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Monday, October 17, 2011

Ron Paul & The Media Blackout: Confirmed & Quantified

You know it and I know it; Ron Paul has suffered from deliberate neglect by the MSM.

Now there are numbers to quantify and document the fact.

Don't hate the MSM for this...the media has always been ugly and self-serving and biased in our country.  They are under no obligation to be objective, though it offends us all when they claim to be.  Remember that Jefferson said the most honest part of any newspaper was the advertising.

Is that an excuse?  If you are seriously a hardcore Paul supporter, have you sent him money, or geared up in Paul 2012 garb and crashed an Occupy, or gone door to door in a grassroots effort to win hearts & minds?  Or, do you stay at home and do your thing, secure in your knowledge that the fix is in and he'd never win anyway?

No matter.

Be sure to click into Comments and read Brock's riff & follow the links. 

Here's the story.


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  1. A few days ago.

    18 minutes, 47 seconds.
    That’s how much time I’ve been given TOTAL during the last three Republican debates to explain my message of liberty to the voters.

    But since poll after poll has shown me in third place nationally over these past few months, surely that amount of time left me in the middle of the pack when compared to my establishment opponents . . . right?


    Out of all the candidates, my speaking time was DEAD LAST – even behind candidates I’ve been beating in the polls for months!

    Ron Paul
    Black This Out

    A great ad if you haven't seen it.

    People will Rise


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