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Friday, October 21, 2011

Say DOE broke the law on Solyndra - so what?

The title of this post is not mine.  That is the actual title of a column at Politico.  I'll link to the story at the end of the post, below.

The essence of the article is that politicians and others broke the law in the Solyndra scam, and that there is almost nothing anyone can do about it.

That's the law, you see.

And that's where we leave it?  Our politicians and other criminals in office are not held to the same standards as are we Citizens?

You're good with that?

There is always a workaround.  There is always another answer.

A few Patriots, duct tape, the trunk of a car, a hog-tied Bankster or Political Criminal left on the steps of a Courthouse.

That's an option.

Another option, should the proper Court not prosecute?

Same scenario but the trial is held in the basement of a Patriots home, sentence carried out in the woods, a naked and tarred & feathered bad man turned loose in front of a camera that streams live...

If we need to go there, so be it.

But Justice will be approved by our Creator, no matter how it is delivered.

Here's the story from Politico.

And consider this RTC link Rich brought to my attention, here.

Consider the very real need in the near future that Liberty may die if we do not deliver Justice.

If we don't do the work, folks, it won't get done.



  1. Others are thinking the same thing.


  2. Good link, thanks Rich. I'm going to add it to the front page.

    I wonder how many of us are starting to head in this direction.


  3. We have been given a prime example with Harold Krassny in the book "Molon Labe!".



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