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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Shot Spotter

The window for FreeFor is closing fast.  OpFor is investing heavily in human and technological methods of control for the population. 

See Something Say Something is old-school snitching and very effective, especially when OpFor gives an extra bread chit for every tip submitted by the FSA.  If you don't think this method of population control is effective, please just do a bit of research on Mischa Wolfe and his Stasi.

We all know that Homeland Security is implementing a wide spectrum of technological means of population control (think TSA Scanners at airports) that serve two purposes: First, they condition large tracts of the population to Government intrusion.  Secondary is the actual security the devices offer.

We all know that DHS is buying mobile x-ray trucks and intends to cruise your street and look into your car and home for prohibited materials.  Soon enough you'll encounter several internal checkpoints just getting to work.

Facial Recognition is going national, and it is improving exponentially.  When tied into the networks of cameras that are being deployed in every city across the republic, there will soon come a day when your every movement is tracked and logged, and they won't even need to put a chip in your skin.

For you super-snipers who anticipate Urban Ops for FreeFor, consider Shot Spotter.

It is already deployed in many cities and suburbs. Trigger your weapon and PoPo shows up in moments.  Technological advances will improve the system, making it easier to deploy and locate sub-sonic calibers and even suppressed weapons in certain circumstances.  (Such systems do not simply look for high decibel reports, but also sound signatures regardless of volume).

When you consider the timeline for Restoration, I hope you consider the reality that time gives the advantage to OpFor.

The noose grows tighter every single day.

There will come a moment in the near future when resistance will be futile.



  1. Libertarian and freedom extremist Vin Suprinowitiz wrote a novel "Black Arrow" where a local band sets about freeing a city using older, silent technology for just this reason. Bows and arrows. It's a nice noir feel to it.

    His two non-fiction books "Send in the Waco Killers" and "The Ballad of Carl Drega" are well worth reading.

  2. Two things come to mind:

    It's an easy way to draw your target into an ambush, right on top of an IED, for instance, and

    Once they hook it up to a automatic counter-fire system (and they will) it will be very easy for the guerilla level group to precipitate a state massacre by using a gunshot simulator to draw fire onto a group of women or children.

  3. One might suggest reading, "The Last Hundred Yards: The NCO's Contribution to Warfare" by H.J.Poole or "The Tiger's Way", same author, to learn about low tech soloutions to high tech problems.

  4. Thanks, Trainer. I'll definitely pick up a copy.


  5. The longer we wait, the less chance we have for victory.

    It was never much to begin with, but the idiots who are talking about years out are... well, idiots.


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