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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Commonwealth of Virginia

Virginia matters.

That's a broad statement, but those of you who follow this blog regularly know that I speak from a political perspective.

Here is a link to the Virginia Elections folks, with results from every race yesterday.

We've had some outstanding support in our efforts to deliver III to Liberty (the III political platform for 2012) to gun shops in key states.  I won't build an honor roll, because you are all humble and not one person has requested or approved public recognition.  I respect that, and I greatly appreciate everyone who has bought books, whether 1 dozen or three dozen, and those who have sent donations.  Your donations will be working in Virginia (and beyond) to help ensure it goes Red in 2012, as we get our Political Platform into as many patriotic hands as possible.

As of this minute I am not sure of the latest results from Virginia - not sure if they will take both Houses or not. 

Remember, my friends: Polygonal Battlespace.  Politics is one front that we must not ignore, nor is it the only front on which we must engage.

Ohio - I'm not sure about you.  You tell the Feds to stuff Obamacare, yet you vote yourselves into eternal taxation for the benefit of the very Government employees that enslave you...

...just more evidence that not all men should breed, I guess.  And, as many of us have noted, very few Americans want true Jeffersonian Liberty.  If you live in Ohio, don't take that personally.  I live in the People's Republic of Maryland, and I will not take responsibility for all the sins in this State, either.

One final note: Please remember that this fight is not against Government, as an entity.  It is the individual people who misuse Government who are the problem.  Ranting against anyone but individuals is a waste of effort.  Identify those individuals who are misusing your Government, and call them on it.

What do we call them on?  Treason.  I don't bother with the lesser Sedition.  I don't bother with anyone claiming a 1A Right to undermine the Constitutional republic.

Traitors attempt to overthrow the lawful republic.  Period.

Article III Section III.  There have been a lot of traitors over the years who have gotten away with murdering the republic, giving to us this mess.  We are not to blame, nor are we permitted to let the treason continue.  Any man who does not act helps to enslave his neighbors and his own children...


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